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Olive oil in sachets & sticks to salads

Olive oil in sachets & sticks to salads

Application of a sachet with oil or olive oil

Perfect for salads and vegetables. Possible application to fish dishes.

Types of olive oil and oil with spices

  1. Oil with tomato and basil,
  2. Truffle balsamic glaze,
  3. Rapeseed oil with greek spices,
  4. Oil with basil,
  5. Chilli oil,
  6. Garlic oil,
  7. Olive extra virgin,
  8. Olive with oregano,
  9. Olive extra virgin chilli,
  10. Olive extra virgin garlic,
  11. Olive extra virgin basil,
  12. Olio di sansa di oliva.

Possibility to create an individual oil mixture according to customer requirements or for a specific product.

We specialize only in packaging human food.

Weights and sizes of sachets & sticks

  1. 4-seal sachet: 30g to 100g,
  2. 3-seal stick: 5g to 60g
  3. 3D monodose: 20g or 40-50g

Product sachet safety

Applications of transparent, metallised, barrier films with an EVOH layer. All films are certified for contact with food.

Personalization of food sachets - Your Brand

Your graphic design can be placed on the sachet.


  1. Possibility of individual shaping of the size of the sachet,
  2. A wide range of sachet shapes: classic, duo (double), stick.
  3. It is possible to add the so-called euroholes or cuts,
saszetka stick z oliwą
saszetka stick z olejem

Do you need sachets with olive oil or oil for your products?

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