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The cup top contains a mixture of cereals, fruits, sweet additives and many other flavoured additives for dairy products. Examples of mixtures: oatmeal, cereals, seeds, dried fruit, dried or freeze-dried fruit, chocolate or bakery additives (cookies, meringues). Liquid refills such as: jams, marmalades, preserves are also available.

The toppers may also contain powdered sauce to be mixed with yogurt to make a sauce / dressing.

The product is aimed at dairy products in cups with a diameter of 68mm, 75mm, 80mm or 95mm at the upper base of the cup. The weight of the load is dependent on cup top type. Possibility to add a teaspoon to the package. The packaging may contain the Customer's graphic design in the form of a sticker on the lid.

Ask our experts for other packaging sizes.

Exampled flavor variants:

• Puffed buckwheat with strawberry,
• Puffed rye with blueberry,
• Puffed oat with strawberry,
• Granola with strawberry and blueberry,
• Granola with white chocolate and strawberry,
• Granola with cranberry,
• A mixture of wheat-rice and corn flakes,
• Grits of corn flakes in chocolate,
• Dark crushed cookies (a'la Oreo),
• Granola with freeze-dried fruit (to be selected by the customer),
• Granola with walnuts,
• Granola without extras (option with or without sugar),
• Granola with freeze-dried fruit (to be selected by the customer),
• Granola with walnuts,
• 5-component mix of cereals,
• Chocolate dragees in a coating,
• 3-colored chocolate balls,
• Mini meringues and mellow foams,
• Milk chocolate shavings, white,
• Oreo or butter cookies,
• Mix of seeds,
• Muesli (option with or without sugar),
• Oatmeal with protein supplement (coconut, strawberry, chocolate caramel flavor).

Examples of powder sauce inclusion for the sauce / dressing  preparation with yoghurt:
• Caesar sauce,
• Greek sauce,
• Oriental sauce,
• French sauce,
• Garlic sauce,
• Sweet and sour sauce,
• BBQ sauce,
• Chili sauce
• Dill and herb sauce,
• Teriyaki sauce
• Lemon sauce, orange sauce
• Tsatsiki sauce,
• Sos Holiday,
• Dill sauce,
• Cream and onion sauce.

Date of consumption: 9-12 months depending on the chosen flavor version.

Possibility to create an individual recipe according to customer requirements.


Quantity in a box

Number of cartons on the pallet

Quantity on the pallet

High cup top 30g Ø 95



4 608

Low cup top Ø 95



9 600

High cup top Ø 75



10 260

Low cup top Ø 75



15 660

Low cup top Ø 75 PET



19 440


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