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BBQ sauce in cup

They soothe or add spice, increase the attractiveness of snacks giving unlimited fun with taste and are also an element of successful barbecue - these are sauces of course!

Sauces for grilled dishes

The barbecue season is fast approaching. The food industry is preparing a special offer of snack sets and barbecue products for the summer season. Next to grilled meat, fish, vegetables, shashliks and cheese, it must be sauce that is the culmination of the dish.

What kind of barbecue sauce?

Choosing the right sauce for grilled dishes has decisive influence on their final taste. An intensely spicy barbecue sauce will dominate the taste of meat or vegetables, while an excessively mild barbecue sauce will not add sufficient eating experience to the dish. In addition to the most popular BBQ sauces for grilled meat dishes, EDPOL Food & Innovation also recommends Relish burger sauce with gherkins, wild garlic sauce and horseradish-cream sauce. These non-standard compositions of sauces, by breaking the sweet and dry taste, are able to bring out an interesting, previously unknown flavour of a dish. When we have red meat on the grill and we want to give it a touch of sweetness, we recommend chutney sauces - cranberry, orange with ginger or plum sauce. For true connoisseurs of the art of barbecue, we recommend onion glaze with the addition of original whiskey or glaze with plum. An interesting proposition for barbecue can also be sauces with a hint of hops - it all depends on the individual preferences of the consumer.

Barbecue marinades

EDPOL Food & Innovation’s offer also includes marinades to grilled meat. In this group of products, the leaders are: pulled pork marinade, spicy marinade with a plum flavour, creole or barbecue. Marinades not only add great flavour to meat dishes but also ensure their crispness and juiciness which is why they are an integral part of grilling.

Sauces for vegans

The barbecue season is also a feast for Vegans and Vegetarians. Vegetable dishes, bread and meat substitutes go perfectly with sauces for Vegans. EDPOL Food & Innovation has also prepared an offer of barbecue sauces for Vegans that do not contain animal ingredients such as eggs, milk or honey. For grilled vegan dishes we recommend sweet chilli, piri-piri, teryiaki, BBQ, hunter's sauce, soy-ginger sauce or all sweet sauces: plum, cranberry, blueberry and pineapple with curry.

Packing sauces in a cup

For 30 years EDPOL Food & Innovation has been inspiring the food industry in developing and delivering an offer tailored to changing seasons and global trends. In line with the convenience trend, cup packaging is the most popular form of serving sauce along with dishes dedicated to the grill. EDPOL Food & Innovation offers cups with the following diameter of the lid and the weight of the charge: 51mm (20-25 g), 65mm (30-35g), 75mm (40-50g), 75mm (70-80g). The cup can be printed or transparent so that its content is visible for consumer. The plate closing the cup can be fully printed with the customer's graphics thanks to which the product gains a high level of personalization – starting from the recipe for the barbecue sauce and ending at its packaging.

Portioned sauces

The wide offer of sauce cup packing capabilities of EDPOL Food&Innovation allows for a perfect match to almost any product from the convenience food segment. The consumer receives a complete kit that does not require additional purchases in order to quickly prepare and eat a tasty meal. Moreover, the cup is a highly aesthetic form of serving the sauce. An extremely important advantage of portioned sauces is the reduction of food waste - which means that the consumer gets an adequate amount of the product in the set.

We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the offer of sauces for barbecue meat in the tab: Liquid sauces to meat industry

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