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Production of sauces and spices in an environmentally friendly manner

Is it possible to conduct business in a responsible way bearing in mind the future of our planet? How might the negative impact of the food production on the environment be reduced?

Corporate Social Responsibility in food production

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a key indicator for EDPOL Food&Innovation. It is based on sustainable activities taking into account the requirements of broadly understood socio-ecological interests. The concept of CSR is becoming a multifaceted direction of development that requires constant improvements. For EDPOL Food&Innovation promoting a healthy lifestyle and reducing the negative impact of the production and consumption process on the natural environment is the one of the priorities.

Being food producer versus ecology

A food producer has a huge scope for pro-social and pro-ecological activities. Its actions have a direct impact not only on the safety and quality of the food offered but in a much wider context, they can create proper eating habits. Concern for the health of consumers is reflected in the offer of pro-health sauces from EDPOL Food&Innovation. However, among the initiatives limiting the negative impact on the natural environment can be distinguished: implementation of technologies with low emission of pollutants, modernization of the machine park in terms of lower energy and water consumption, no-waste resource management at every stage of production including heat recovery as well as the re-use of recyclable packaging.

Packing in sachets as a form of convenience

The sachet is the most popular form of packaging in the convenience food segment. This form guarantees high microbiological safety and hygiene for food inside which is particularly the most important matter nowadays. In addition, the sachet can be applied to a collective packaging with other food, creating a complementary set for Consumer and fulfilling his individual preferences. For example to: a pouch sauce to vegetables, a sachet with salad dressing or a seasoning spice blend sachet to a bag with frozen food.

Pro-ecological food pouches

In the process of single-packaged sauces and spices a huge amount of foil is used. This goes - along with the food packed in it - to Consumers and finally - after use - to our garbage bins. EDPOL Food&Innovation as a conscious producer of sauces and creator of comprehensive solutions for the convenience food sector offers sachets made of 100% recyclable foil. Therefore, PE and PP layers were introduced for the production of sachets with sauces and sachets with spices. The new BOPP foil is 100% recyclable and offers a high barrier to smells, oils and oxygen. Moreover, the foil is PVC free, mechanically very durable and the barrier layer is well protected. In the process of forming a sachet from BOPP foil, it maintains a perfect balance to provide 3 main packaging functionalities: printing, barrier and sealability. The BOPP foil provides a good combination of temperature and mechanical resistance as well as an effective, high-strength seal.

Producer of sauces in sachets

For 30 years EDPOL Food&Innovation has been professionally providing food packaging services in sachets of any size and shape. The company is a leader in the production of liquid sauces in sachets ranging from 5g 3-sealed sticks, through 50-120g 4-sealed sachets, up to 5L sauce bags in the HoReCa segment. In addition, the company produces its own spice mixes in sachets starting from 5g. All sachets are intended for contact with food and thanks to the introduction of modern BOPP foil they are 100% recyclable.

Such a development move to introduce new foils for own packaging is extremely important in terms of taking care for the natural environment of our planet and at the same time distinguishes EDPOL Food&Innovation in this field not only on the Polish food packaging services market but also placing it at the forefront of ecological food producers in Europe.

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