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EDPOL Food & Innovation environmentally friendly

On April 22, we celebrate World Earth Day. It is an exceptionally important day in relation to the increasingly felt and intensifying effects of global warming, pollution and other existing threats to our planet. This date connects hundreds of millions of people, regardless of nationality, who promote activities aimed at saving the Earth.

How does EDPOL Food & Innovation take care of the environment?

For EDPOL Food & Innovation Earth Day is every day. A series of measures to reduce interference with the natural development and functioning of the Planet are nothing new, selective or occasional. How does EDPOL take care of the Earth? Starting with the installation of photovoltaic cells that are a renewable source. Thanks to them, a significant part of the electricity obtained is used in the daily operation of the plants, reduces the consumption of natural resources and emits much less CO2. LED lighting installed in the company is characterized by, among others, long life and efficiency, and most importantly  is that LEDs do not contain any toxic materials such as mercury and other environmentally hazardous metals, unlike energy-saving fluorescent lamps; they are 100% recyclable helping to reduce your carbon footprint.

Cycling is on average 13 times less harmful to the environment than driving a car, according to the calculations of the European Cyclists' Federation (ECF). Road transport has been the fastest growing source of carbon dioxide emissions for a long time. Driving by car or bus is definitely more harmful to the environment than using bicycles. Therefore, one of the demands of environmentalists is that we should abandon cars in favor of bicycles. This can improve the environment. A small step with so many benefits for people and the environment. Taking care of both the health of its employees and the Earth, bicycle parking lots have been created in EDPOL, and the number of employees using a bicycle is constantly growing.

Nitrogen in the production of IQF sauce pellets

The nitrogen used by us in the freezing production as a cooling medium is a gas neutral for the environment that generates savings in electricity from the network. The use of liquid nitrogen technology minimizes the harmful impact of production on the environment by reducing electricity consumption and eliminating harmful F-gases (freon) with a very high global warming potential.

The waste management conducted by EDPOL Food & Innovation with an emphasis on recovery and recycling contributes to the protection of natural resources. As a result, most of the produced post-production waste can be reused after its appropriate treatment. 

Energy-saving packaging machines

Another example of caring for the planet is the purchase of machines with the best energy- and water-absorbing parameters. In such a large production plant as EDPOL where the number of machines is not negligible, these criteria are essential. They significantly reduce the negative impact on the environment. Additionally, the use of heat recovery systems from chillers has a significant advantage over traditional cooling systems. The recovered heat is used for current heating and domestic hot water production. EDPOL also uses low GWP refrigerants - CO2 (R744) and Propane (R290). They are environmentally friendly, natural and synthetic refrigerants. Their main purpose is to eliminate F-gases (freons) from the cooling system.

EDPOL Food & Innovation as a sauces producer

EDPOL Food & Innovation, as a conscious producer of sauces and creator of comprehensive solutions for the convenience sector, offers its products, among others, in sachets made of largely recyclable foil. PE and PP layers were introduced for the production of sachets with sauces and sachets with spices. The new BOPP film is 100% recyclable, PVC free and has a high mechanical strength and the barrier layer is well protected.

In concern for ecology and in line with the Zero Waste trend, EDPOL uses collective cardboard packaging for its products. They are ideal for storing food products, and thanks to their use, all taste, nutritional and aesthetic values are preserved. They contain monoportions, minidoses - the recipient uses only the amount of the product that is necessary for him. It does not litter the planet, it cares about ecology and economy.

Bees and other pollinating insects play a key role in our ecosystem. Every third tablespoon of food we eat depends on the pollination process. If pollinators were to disappear, it would be a catastrophe not only for the environment, but also for food production. The natural environment in which bees have lived for thousands of years is now changing enormously as a result of human activity. Unfortunately, these changes are detrimental to the bees. The greatest threats are plant protection products, limited access to a varied food, parasites and diseases. The main reasons for this phenomenon are felling of trees and forests as well as monoculture crops. Being aware of the importance of bees, EDPOL actively supports the friendly apiary and ensures the most natural environment for honey bees.   

The indicated activities are the everyday life of EDPOL Food & Innovation and  Earth Day additionally motivates and gives incentives to take up new, new tasks aimed at caring for our common environment and our common home the Earth.

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