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Frozen seafood sauces in pellets

Can you imagine 'frutti di mare' without any sauce bringing out its savour? What makes a sauce the second most important ingredient of a seafood dish besides fish or shellfish itself? What kind of sauces are most often used for seafood?

Seafood dishes

There are countless recipes for seafood dishes. This is due to wide availability of shrimps, squids, crabs or other types of sea plants in stores or discounters. We can choose either frozen assortment, ready-made meals containing 'frutti di mare' or fresh seafood straight from a farm. Most products, especially shellfish, require thorough peeling or cleaning and heat treatment. The most popular seafood appetizers include: mussels (perfect with red or white wine), shrimps or calamari rings. Fish soup, ramen soup or pho soup may be enriched with delicate shrimp addition. Seafood main courses are usually accompanied by pasta or rice. Recommended dishes are:

  • risotto with green asparagus, garlic and onion, fortified with rosemary, along with large Black Tiger prawns;
  • tagliatelle pasta with grilled salmon and Black Tiger prawns, along with fresh vegetables: onion, garlic, parsley, and Grana Padano cheese;
  • Spanish Paella with seafood, fried rice, saffron and vegetables.

Seafood sauce

As soon as you look at menu card of your favourite restaurant or any recipes, you will easily notice that the vast majority of seafood comes with sauce. Sauce in seafood dishes is designed to reduce the taste and smell of sea that is the hallmark of any high-quality sea / ocean plant. In addition, sauce is an excellent and direct flavour carrier that emphasizes and enriches taste of seafood. Examples are garlic and parsley; these herbs added to seafood bring out their unique flavour. Sauce in seafood dish will also unify the whole composition of flavours. An essential base of any seafood sauce is butter, white or red wine, fresh herbs and spices. Typical sauces used in seafood dishes are:

  • tomato sauce with fresh basil,
  • garlic sauce with butter,
  • white wine and parsley,
  • asparagus sauce with rosemary,
  • sweet and sour sauce with pineapple,
  • mango curry sauce.

Frozen shrimp sauce in pellets - for producers of frozen dishes

EDPOL Food&Innovation as a frozen food producer has conducted a number of consumer and laboratory tests in the field of seafood sauces. As a result, we created unique offer of frozen sauces dedicated to seafood. The most appreciated flavours include: garlic sauce, dill sauce, red pesto sauce, butter-herb sauce, and lemon-chili sauce. Sauces are avaliable in form of frozen hemispheres (pellets) which can be easily added to any frozen dish by its producer. Thanks to freezing technology, our products retain 100% of taste and organoleptic qualities. Lack of preservatives make them natural and healthy.

If you are a producer of frozen food, ready meals or you have seafood in your offer - contact us. We can advise you on how to place your product on consumers' kitchen tables.

Read more about frozen sauces in the tab: frozen sauces for seafood and fish.

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