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Garlic butter for baguettes

Although traditional butter is associated with buttering a sandwich or frying, more and more often it becomes a filling for bakery products giving them taste and upgrading them into a great snack or addition to dishes. What is its phenomenon?

Consumption of butter

The consumption of butter in Poland has been growing decade by decade, in 2004 it was 4.4 kg per person, in 2017 - 4.5 kg and in 2018 as much as 4.7 kg. Experts from the Institute of Agricultural and Nutrition Economics forecasted that the consumption of butter in Poland in 2020 will amount to as much as 4.9 kg per citizen. There are countries in Europe with an even higher consumption of butter per person - the French, Germans, the Czechs and the Danes are in the lead. It is worth noting that Poland is the third largest butter producer in the EU and we have recently surpassed Ireland which has been known for ages for the production of excellent Irish butter. Poland is also one of the most important and respected exporters of this product in the world.

Is butter healthy?

Although butter is considered as a high-calorie product, it also contains a number of valuable nutrients, including conjugated linolenic acid dienes (CLA in brief). CLA prevent obesity, diabetes and have a positive effect on the immune system. In addition, butter is a source of well-absorbed vitamins A, E, D and K2. We can also find there: magnesium, zinc, copper, chromium, lecetin, selenium and iodine. All of them support the work of every cell in our body.

Flavored butter

Due to the high fat content and a natural flavor, butter is an ideal flavor-carrier and can be combined with spices, herbs and vegetables. The thoughtful selection of ingredients and the appropriate combination of them, while maintaining a clean technological process and keeping nutrients of the butter, allow to compose a tasty butter with functional application and unique taste qualities. Butter allows also to create unlimited flavor compositions dedicated to many food products. It is worth emphasizing that butter taste, its softness and crispness are impossible to achieve with the use of any other similar substance.

Garlic butter for baguettes

One of such combination is garlic butter for baguettes. The product is perfectly matching with shrimp dishes, as a snack for a party or as an addition to salads. In addition to the taste of fresh garlic, there are also spices and herbs that emphasize the taste of the bread while allowing you to feel the dominant taste of garlic.

You can learn more about flavored butters by clicking here.

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