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Cup tops on yoghurt - add what you like!

Natural yoghurt, Greek yoghurt, skyr yoghurt, coconut or strawberry yoghurt - each of them can be completed with a delicious addition!

Natural and fruit yoghurts are leading

The consumption of yoghurts in Poland and Europe is growing rapidly every year. New flavors and types of yoghurt on store shelves are gaining more and more popularity. Yoghurts are a rich source of protein, calcium and live bacteria cultures. The most common choice of consumers are natural yoghurts and fruit yoghurts.

Breakfast yoghurts - a complete meal

The fast pace of life, lack of time for breakfast and significant level of stress prevent us from 'swallowing' anything in the morning. Thus, in that situations we are calmly encouraged to take away yoghurt for breakfast. This proposal is a complete dairy meal in the form of natural yoghurt, skyr yoghurt or Greek yoghurt with the addition of grains, dried fruit, crunch, muesli, breakfast cereals or granola.

Cup top for yoghurt

Yoghurt toppers are a practical solution to add a variety of valuable extras to your yoghurt to enrich it. The cup top is adapted to contact with dry and wet inclusions. A wide selection of the capacity (sizes) of cup tops enables individualisation of the dosage of the inclusions in relation to the volume of yogurt and the type of inclusions.

Add spoon to yoghurt 

The possibility of adding a small, folded spoon to the topper follows 'take-away' and 'convenience' trends. Thanks to this, consumer have the opportunity to eat a portion of breakfast yoghurt on their way to work, school or on training.

Fruit or cereal inclusions

The offer of EDPOL Food & Innovation includes many of composed cereal blends dedicated to breakfast yoghurts which can be packed in a topper. Scrupulously selected ingredients, also with BIO-certification, create a healthy and nutritious mixture that together with high-quality yoghurt will make an excellent breakfast 'on-to-go' meal. The proposed inclusions include: dried fruit and dried fruit mixes, candied or dried fruit, crushed biscuits or chocolate, cookie peas and extruded breakfast accessories. In the group of pro-health supplements you can also find: expanded amaranth, expanded quinoa, roasted sacha inchi nuts, golden Inca berries, goji berries. If you think about wet inclusions, you can find here: delicious blackcurrant mousses, strawberries, raspberries, kiwi, orange and peach.

If you are a producer of yoghurt or breakfast dairy meals and would like to enrich your yoghurt or breakfast meal with new flavors and functions, our Experts will be happy to help you.

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