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Frozen sauce pellets - technology & taste

How to obtain a natural flavour without adding preservatives? How to preserve organoleptic properties of products and their nutritional values ​​in natural way? How is it possible to enjoy a taste of fresh herbs in winter?

Deep freezing is a key to success

The answer is simple: you need to freeze better! Traditional freezing process causes formation of large ice crystals which damage a structure of a product. As a result, defrosted food does not look the same and loses its nutritional value. These problems can be eliminated owing to modern ‘deep freezing’ technology. Deep freezing is a quick ‘shock’ method of freezing which results in creation of little ice crystals, which adapt to the cells of product and do not impair its structure. Therefore, owing to lowering temperature of our frozen sauces sharply, their shape and taste will remain unchanged after defrosting.

Natural taste and long shelf life

Shock freezing ensures that frozen sauce does not lose any nutritional or taste properties. Noteworthy, their another advantage is 24 months of shelf life if deeply frozen sauce is stored at - 18°C.

Frozen sauces in form of hemispheres

EDPOL Food & Innovation uses shock freezing technology in sauces production to create delicious extra with natural composition and taste which can enrich the flavour of many dishes. Portioning of frozen sauce is facilitated by its functional shape of hemisphere. The hemispheres, also known as pellets, weight about 15g each and can be freely dosed by producers of frozen meals.

Frozen sauces for pasta and more ...

The application of sauces in gastronomy is widespread. The application of frozen sauces is even easier compared to liquid (unfrozen) ones since their shelf life is longer than shelf life of basic product to which frozen sauces are added. Moreover, every world cuisine seems to have rich assortment of frozen products. The most popular applications of our frozen sauces are pasta and vegetable dishes, but they have countless other applications. Our most popular flavours include: spinach sauce, cheese sauce, cream sauce and tomato sauce.

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