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Frozen sauce pellets for restaurants, hotels & catering

The HoReCa sector in Poland is still an important branch of the food industry, to which EDPOL Food&Innovation supplies its products with liquid (unfrozen) sauces, frozen sauces and spice mixes. Our frozen sauces in 15g hemispheres in 1kg packages dedicated to the HoReCa sector are becoming increasingly popular among chefs.

HoReCa industry needs savings

Despite the difficulties of the HoReCa industry due to the pandemic and the subsequent significant increase in prices and services caused by inflation, the gastronomy industry once again records the growth of the entire market. However, it is the ever-increasing prices and costs of running a business that are the main challenge for companies operating on the HoReCa market. According to the latest survey of gastronomic companies conducted by PMR, at the turn of April and May 2023, it is the high costs of maintaining the premises, such as fees for utilities or food products, that are currently the biggest barrier to running and developing the gastronomic business. Compared to the previous edition of the survey, this barrier obtained nearly 30 pp higher indication. It is not surprising that in a situation of rising inflation and rising costs of running a businesss, the price has become an even more important criterion for choosing a supplier of products for gastronomic premises. In 2023, the most important factor in choosing a supplier were the prices of the products offered, which were indicated by 90% of the respondents. The next factor was the quality of the proucts (85%) and these two criteria remain crucial. Other factors, such as speed and timeliness of deliveries or a wide range of products, received significantly fewer indications. (source:

Frozen sauces ease preparation of dishes in restaurants

A team of technologists from EDPOL Food&Innovation came to the rescue of restaurants. They took their own frozen sauces to the workshop and properly selected the recipes to suit the tastes of the best chefs in the gastronomic industry. In this way, frozen sauces were created and dedicated to bolognese and carbonara dishes, as well as frozen cream sauces: cheese, garlic, butter. For connoisseurs of flavors, sauces recipes have been developed: mushroom, spinach, red pesto, Thai. In addition, the offer of frozen sauces has recently included a cream soup in the form of hemispheres - broccoli, sour rye, tomato, curry.

An important feature of these products is their portionability, which affects significantly smaller losses of raw material/semi-finished product for the preparation of the dish than compared to the self-preparation of the sauce for the dish from separate ingredients. Adding to this the feature of a longer shelf life compared to freshly prepared sauce, restaurants, hotels and caterings have been given the opportunity to reduce costs while maintaining the high quality of the product - sauce, as well as gaining considerable ease and speed in preparing the dish compared to traditional sauce cooking.

Restaurants and gastronomy as a significant customer for EDPOL Food&Innovation

The manufacturer of liquid and frozen sauces, EDPOL Food&Innovation, to meet the needs of HoReCa Partners, has added to its offer packaging dedicated to mass nutrition customers. Packages in the form of a 'pillow bag' sachet have the possibility of safe and durable storage of frozen sauce hemispheres in weights of 0.5kg - 1.5kg. The transparent film allows to access the contents of the package and verify the quantity and condition of the product inside. The pillow bag is also a convenient form of storing sauces in the freezer, which thanks to the flexibility of its shape will always find a suitable place on the freezer shelf. The use of packaging films dedicated to frozen food will guarantee the durability of the packaging and its ease of use.

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