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sosy drops


Application of frozen sauces

  1. Meals with pasta,
  2. Meals with rice,
  3. Meals with groats,
  4. Meals with gnocchi,
  5. Meals with vegetables.

Advanatages of product

  1. Quick and easy product preparation,
  2. Clean product label - no preservatives,
  3. Long shelf life - up to 12 months,
  4. Easy portioning - we put the right amount of solid weight hemispheres,
  5. The rate of thawing during heat treatment.

Product designation

  1. Restaurants,
  2. Hotels,
  3. Bars and eateries,
  4. Retail market - the product replaces the preparation of the sauce by the consumer himself.


  1. 'Pouch' sachet - 3 seals,
  2. Weights: 0.4kg - 2.5kg,
  3. Carton: 10kg - bulk hemispheres.


Your graphic design can be placed on the packaging foil.
sos mrożony horeca 1kg
Frozen sauce in hemispheres 15g - 1kg package
sos mrożony horeca 0,5kg
Frozen sauce in hemispheres 15g - 0.5kg package
sos mrożony horeca 0,5kg
Frozen butter pellets in hemispheres 15g - 0.5kg package
Examples of frozen sauces for fish, seafood and fish dishes:
  • Sweet and sour sauce,
  • Cream sauce,
  • Garlic sauce for seafood,
  • dill sauce for seafood,
  • Red pesto sauce,
  • Butter and herb sauce for shrimps,
  • lemon-chili sauce for shrimps,
  • Asian sauce,
  • Thai sauce,
  • Tomato sauce with garlic.
Examples of frozen sauces for vegetable or pasta dishes:
  • Basil sauce,
  • Chinese sauce,
  • Mushroom sauce,
  • Bolognese sauce,
  • Butter and herb sauce,
  • Cheese sauce,
  • Sweet and sour sauce,
  • Spinach sauce,
  • Red pesto sauce,
  • Cream sauce for spinach,
  • Cream sauce for spinach with garlic,
  • Neapolitan sauce,
  • Cheese sauce for vegetables,
  • Mushroom sauce for vegetables.
Examples of flavor variants of frozen sauces for meat dishes:
  • Mexican sauce,
  • Curry sauce,
  • Butter and herb sauce,
  • Red pesto sauce,
  • Basilico sauce,
  • Neapolitan sauce,
  • Tomato sauce,
  • Spinach sauce with gorgonzola,
  • Katsu sauce,
  • Fajita sauce,
  • Black bean sauce,
  • Salsa dip sauce.
The offer also includes mixes of flavored butters in 15g pellets.
dedykowana receptura masła smakowego
Possibility to create individual recipes according to customer requirements.

Are you looking for frozen sauces for your restaurant or catering?

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