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Sauce in cup under your brand

Sauces for fast food, frozen nuggets and salads are one of the most popular forms of flavour additives to diversify the taste of the dish.

Sauce the quintessence of taste

We often think that some dishes are not juicy enough, too bland or simply lack 'that something'. Then, the sauce will help to improve the taste of the dish. This theoretically simple but from a manufacturing point of view complicated and demanding additive to meals improves organoleptic values. Sometimes it is an inseparable part of fries, salads in the dressing form, burgers, kebabs or other dishes that taste much better with our favourite sauces.

Sauce in cup

It is often not possible in the production process to apply the sauce directly to the dish. In such situations, there should be used a portion package of sauce that will be added to the meal. EDPOL Food&Innovation is specialized in these solutions - sauces in portioned packaging. One of the most popular variants of this type of packaging is the cup.

Sauce packaging sizes

The cup package is nothing more than a small cup that can hold from 25g to 80g of sauce depending on its diameter. The product is sealed hermetically with a lid printed with the expiration date and batch number. The manufacturer of sauces in portioned packaging EDPOL Food&Innovation offers cup sauces in the following sizes and weights:

  • diameter 51mm: 20-35ml / 20g - 30g
  • diameter 75mm: 30ml & 60ml / 35-40g & 80g

Sauce in cup under private label

The cup packaging allows you to brand the top plate of the cup with your own graphic and logo design. Customers looking for full customization of their sauces will find in EDPOL Food&Innovation the opportunity to make their recipes or design their own unique recipe dedicated to their product.  The group of the company experts-technologists provides assistance and experience in the design of liquid sauces. The company offers test production on smaller volumes to verify products on the market before their full-scale commercialization.

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