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Sauce in a stick sachet - a new type of sachet dedicated to convenience food

Sauces in sachets are complementary food elements that have gained popularity in recent years in Poland and around the world. They were appreciated especially in the convenience food segment where easiness and speed of dosing and universal application are important.

The stick sachet is a novelty in the industry and turns out to be appreciated not only by many convenience food producers but also by consumers. Stick, unlike the commonly used 4-seal sachet, is a 3-seal sachet with the third seal on the back of the package. Thanks to this, the packaging becomes very functional - we achieve large capacity while being small in size. Moreover, the stick sachet is even more useful in convenience food thanks to its oblong shape which allows easy application to the main product. Stick is also a convenient and ergonomic form of dispensing sauce to a dish by the consumer - each sachet has an 'easy-notch' notch that helps in opening the sachet quickly and aesthetically. This is why the stick sachet is perfect for dispensing olive oil or oil with spices.

Stick is also a friendly form to full packaging branding. We can place a full printing with the customer's graphics on the long front part of the stick sachet thus fully personalizing the product.

EDPOL Food&Innovation as a leading Polish manufacturer of sauces in portioned packaging offers the possibility of packing sauces in stick sachets with a width of 45 mm and 35 mm and a length of up to 180 mm. This turns into packing up to 60g of sauce, oil or fruit filling. Hot packing technology in stick sachets is an additional guarantee of the microbiological safety of the product.

As professionals in the field of sauce packaging, we strongly recommend stick packaging for the convenience industry - especially producers of meat and fish dishes, lunch boxes, salads and frozen ready meals.

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