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Frozen ready meals - private label

Rush, lack of time to cook or go shopping and maybe sometimes just pure laziness are the main reasons why we choose ready-made meals. Frozen ready meals are the lion's share of the entire the ready meals segment.

Frozen ready meals

Year by year the frozen food segment has becoming more and more popular on store shelves - in this particular case - freezer shelves. According to the Gemius report, Poles buy 92 million kg of frozen products annually, spending about PLN 770 million on them. During the period of the first COVID-19 restrictions, there was a visible increase in sales of frozen products by 15% compared to the corresponding period in 2019. This increase was caused, among others, by an acceptance of Poles to use freezing as a method of food preservation. More importantly, this method not only ensures that the shelf life of frozen ready meals is naturally extended but also the nutritional and taste values ​​are preserved.

Frozen meal under own brand

In Poland and Europe we easily can find many examples of products in frozen ready meals segment - starting from frozen pasta meals, or frozen meals with rice or groats, through frozen seafood meals and ending at a wide range of ready-made dinner dishes such as pizza, lasagne, steaks or fish fingers, chicken nuggets or even sirloin or chops in frozen form. Creating your own brand of ready meals just became easier.

Producer of frozen food & sauces

Noticing the expansion of its production capabilities EDPOL Food & Innovation entered the segment of frozen ready meals with an offer of attractive frozen meals under the client's own brand. An innovation thing here is the application of ready-made frozen sauces of own production. Thanks to IQF sauces, the meal gains an even more distinctive taste and aesthetic value. The offer of ready-made frozen meals includes frozen pasta dishes with spinach sauce and vegetables, frozen paella with rice and smoked salmon, frozen penne pasta in spinach sauce with smoked salmon or frozen fusilli with smoked salmon in cream-cheese sauce and dill. Each of the meals is packed in a 400-450g flow-pack packaging with the client's own label design.

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