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Sauces and dressings for salads in sachets

Colorful, crunchy and full of vitamins – that’s how we name salads. Regardless of the season, they are an attractive form of including vegetables and fruit in your daily diet. For dinner, grilled dishes or as a snack at work – salads will go well in every meal.

What salads dressings?
The palatability of the salads are perfectly complemented by olive oils with spices, sauces and dressings. The most popular salad sauce and dressings sachets in the EDPOL Food & Innovation are: caesar sauce, yoghurt dressing with herbs, nice, zinger, balsamic dressing and numerous variants of sauces and dressings based on mustard. On request of the Business Partner, the EDPOL’s R&D department will also prepare a vegetarian or vegan version of salad sauce and dressing sachets. In addition to a wide range of liquid sauces and dressings, we also offer powdered sauces that are attractive in taste.

Olive oil and flavored oils are must have of salads, example of this are rapeseed oil with sun-dried tomatoes and basil or olive oil with greek spices. EDPOL has been packing unique oils and olive oil, such as extra virgin olive oil, pumpkin oil, linseed oil, evening primrose oil and their mixtures.  Oils have health benefits, and some of these are now considered as superfoods.  They also facilitate the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins (A,D,E,K) erived from the ingredients of the salad.

Sachet superfood for salads
If you want the product to be attracted attention on the sales shelf, be sure to add superfoods to it e.g. pumpkin seeds or sunflower seeds, linseed or cocoa nibs. These additives in salads increase the nutritional value and make an atractive, crunchy texture during consumption. To ensure these properties, superfoods should be packed in sachets so that they retain their aroma and do not absorb the water from the salad ingredients in the lunch box.

Is the sachet sauce healthy?
Bag sauces are a mixture of dried or freeze-dried  herbs and vegetables, in addition to taste, enrich the dish with antioxidant compounds and substances supporting  proper functioning of the digestive system. EDPOL Food&Innovation powdered sauces do not contain monosodium glutamate. Their advantage is the long shelf life and also are available in BIO version. Greek powder, French, dill and herb sauce, Caesar sauce with cheese – these are just a few examples of the EDPOL Food & Innovation assortment.

Powdered sauces are usually combined with valuable oils, such as extra virgin olive oil, rapeseed oil, which are rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids that play a key role in the prevention of civilization diseases.

How to prepare salad dressing or sauce?
To prepare one portion of the sauce or powder dressing, mix the spices with three tablespoons of olive oil or rapeseed oil and two tablespoons of water. It is also worth adding lemon juice. EDPOL powdered sauces go well with natural yoghurt and cream. Therefore, with one powdered sauce, you can get at least two different variants of the sauce/dressing: oil based and velvety yoghurt-cream base.

A more convenient alternative to powdered sauces are ready-made sauces and liquid dressings in sachets, which are an integral part of salads in lunch boxes. The producer of solutions for salads and convenience dishes is EDPOL Food & Innovation.

Mustard-based salad dressings
Among sauces and salad dressings, mustard-based sauces have been very popular for years. The wide range of EDPOL Food & Innovation packaged sauces includes honey-mustard sauce, dill-mustard, orange-mustard and horseradish mustard sauce. EDPOL mustard sauces do not contain preservatives and are mad of the highest quality raw materials. Mustard sauces go well not only with salads but also with meat, fish and seafood dishes, snacks, fast-food and street food.

Packing salad dressings

EDPOL Food&Innovation offers sauces and dressings packaging forms such as: cup 25g-80g, monodose 3D (sachet-bottle) with a volume of 20 ml or 40-50 ml and stick or four sealed sachets from 10 g to 120 g.

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