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Frozen sauces for pasta dishes

Frozen sauces for pasta dishes

Pasta dishes are one of the most popular & fancy dishes in lunch menu. What sauce should be used for pasta? Why is a well-composed pasta sauce the key to success of a tasty dish?

Pasta – an Italian cuisine

Italian cuisine is often being served both on Polish and on foreign kitchen tables. Besides many characteristic herbs, spices and vegetables, pasta is the main attribute of this type of cuisine. The most common are: spaghetti Bolognese, spaghetti carbonara, pasta with seafood or vegetables.

Pasta sauce - the key to a tasty dish

Specialist of Italian cuisine believe that sauce is the key ingredient to prepare a delicious pasta dish. The freshness of sauce ingredients is a great importance here. Not only gives it the taste to food, but also guarantees the aromatic smell of herbs and spices. High quality of ingredients is a must for the consistency of the sauce, its creamy and uniform structure.

Frozen pasta sauces

Besides the summer season, it’s rare to get fresh ingredients to sauce. Therefore, it is worth keeping these unique flavours in a frozen form. Frozen pasta sauces manufactured by EDPOL Food&Innovation meet the demand of modern consumers for high-quality and convenient sauces for pasta dishes. The sauce is freshly cooked starting from mixing and boiling single ingredients such as herbs, spices, oil. Then it goes frozen into a hemisphere forms. The valuable advantage for food producers and consumers is the easiness of dosing 15g hemispheres into each package of pasta dish. It is also a simple way for food producers to calculate the fixed production cost of a single product and asses fairly the final price.

Spinach sauce pellets, butter-herb sauce pellets and cream sauce pellets

The number of ideas for the taste and type of sauce, especially for its application to a dish, is almost unlimited. Today's cooking is dominated by pasta dishes with spinach, butter-herb sauce and cream sauce. EDPOL Food&Innovation offers over 15 specific frozen sauces dedicated to pasta. Each of them can be modified with unique ingredients and flavours to make it exclusive amongst all of other on markets. For us the challenge is to create even better sauces for more demanding Italian connoisseurs.

Read more about frozen sauces to pasta here.

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