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Obtaining raw materials versus final product.

Having expertise in a given industry, thorough analysis of suppliers and negotiating skills are just a few features that are important in the purchasing process. In order to keep production continued or even worse, not to decrease the efficiency of production, the supply of raw materials must be constantly continued in a proper manner.

Many consumers believe that one of the most important factor in purchasing process is the economic aspect, namely who gives lower price, wins. Surprisingly, success lies somewhere else. The process of purchasing raw materials is a complex and time-consuming process. It consists of raw materials market analysis, being up-to-date with material trends, regulations and current pricing offer. The very finalization, in fact the moment of purchase, is just the final glorification of the conducted work and deep analysis. Nevertheless, before we get to this stage, there are many other issues to focus on.

Let's start from the beginning. The trick is not to choose a supplier who serves us with best pricing. The clue is also not to find someone who delivers the goods to us quickly. The big deal is to find a supplier, not a one-time contractor, who will be providing us with ram materials or semi-products on fixed periods basis, always on time and in good condition.

In addition to the previously mentioned law of economy in purchasing ram materials, which is also extremely important, it is highly recommended and expected to obtain optimum in quality & pricing ratio. Quality should be corresponding with pricing. We believe that quality costs and we are not afraid of that. But not always quality goes along with prices and that should be always examined by our purchasing department staff. Another crucial factor is establishment of professional and kind relations with suppliers in a shape of partner-partner. Business relations on a good level always pay off in efficiency of doing business and managing deals. Moreover, it gives us a hand in possibility of broader negotiations or fulfilling ‘small requests’ such as priority in delivery or being the first one in obtaining limited resources/special offer. Understanding of mutual businesses is a must here and a key to success for both.

It has always been known for ages that product quality starts with the quality of the raw material. From the very start of production process, EDPOL Food & Innovation is challenging his suppliers with the most demanding requests for raw materials with strong emphasize on the quality of goods. We select our suppliers scrupulously with great attention and extended examination of supplier’s facility, quality standards and recommendations. Our efforts in that matter are being annually confirmed by BRC and IFS certificates with the highest possible grades. Our team of experienced specialists with extensive knowledge in this field is coping with these tasks on every day basis. We can guarantee that thanks to the exclusive, top suppliers and the best-quality raw materials, we create our products that meet the requirements of even the most demanding Clients and are appreciated by them in the long-term cooperation.

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