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Frozen vegetarian sauces in pellets

Vegetarian frozen sauces are sauces portioned in the form of pellets/hemispheres with a weight of 15g. Thanks to the use of vegetarian (meat-free) ingredients, they are intended for consumption by consumers using vegetarian pew.

Frozen sauces can be applied to frozen ready meals, vegetable or pasta dishes.

Examples of vegetarian flavor variants of frozen sauces:

  • Fajita sauce,
  • Black Bean Sauce,
  • Salsa dip sauce.

Possibility to compose an individual recipe for a vegetarian sauce at the customer's request.

Vegetarian liquid sauces

Vegetarian liquid sauces are sauces prepared without use of animal origin ingredients. Sauces can be applied to vegetables and snacks, meatless dishes, ready-meals or pasta dishes.

Examples of vegetarian liquid sauces:

  • Sweet sauces: American blueberry, cranberry, raspberry, cherry, currant, pineapple, strawberry, pineapple with curry, orange and ginger.
  • Dry sauces: soy and ginger, teryiaki, sweet and sour chilli, tomato and herbal.
  • Sauces for meatless meat substitutes: BBQ, chipotle, piri-piri.
  • Glazes for meatless meat substitutes: onion glaze, with plum.

Possibility to create an individual recipe of vegetarian sauce at the customer's request.

Vegetarian sauces are available in packages:

  • Sachet (10g - 115g),
  • Mini-bottle (25ml or 50ml),
  • Mini-cup (25g or 50g),
  • Sachet with a plug (30g - 50g).

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